Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rules of Posting on The Asphalt Forum

The only rules the sponsors of The Asphalt Forum wish to impose are those that will make this forum a friendly and welcoming place to visit to share information with one another. Any posted comments that include rude or inappropriate comments will be deleted. Any posted comments that include blatant advertisements will also be deleted.

1. Be kind and courteous in your language and sharing of information.
2. Be aware of the promotional language you might be using in your commentary so that it doesn't get deleted.

Folks wishing to advertise have two opportunities to do so with the template that this site offers, and can contact Sally Shoemaker, the advertising representative for AsphaltPro magazine (quickly) to discuss those and their potentially rotating nature. (Sally's e-mail is sally at theasphaltpro dot com.) Otherwise, this site is a great place to meet and share ideas for improving your business, safety, production, environmental practices, permitting efforts, etc.

Welcome to The Asphalt Forum!
I look forward to cyber-chatting with all of you,
Sandy Lender

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How to Post Comments on The Asphalt Forum

To post comments on The Asphalt Forum you will need to have a Blogger account/identification. To get Blogger identification, you need an e-mail address through either Yahoo or Google mail. These are both free services.

Once you set up your free e-mail account and Blogger ID, posting a comment on this blog will be as simple as reading the post you're interested in and clicking on the "comments" link beneath it. Just make sure you hit the word "comments" directly beneath the article/post you're interested in or you'll end up commenting on something completely different.

Keep in mind that any comment you post will be public record and "findable" by search engines. If you wish to post with your real name, which the publishers of AsphaltPro Magazine encourage, just remember to keep your comments professional and courteous at all times so you've nothing to regret in the future.

Welcome to The Asphalt Forum,
Sandy Lender

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