Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funding Wars

As the fight for Federal Highway Funding rages on, AsphaltPro brings you some links worth reviewing. Most of our readers are well-informed on the issue already, so here are the latest updates on what's happening. Follow editor Sandy Lender on Twitter as well. More links will be added as they deserve attention.

First, I'll announce that HR 4691, Temporary Extension Act of 2010, just passed (9:16 p.m. ET) 78 for, 19 against. It looks like inspectors can return to work, thus road projects can resume. Other updates to be posted as the usual pundits post them tomorrow and beyond.

To follow: older posted items that give play-by-play
CQ Politics, A White House play for attention/relevance
AASHTO, More of the same rhetoric with extra gloom-n-doom thrown in
Federal News Radio, Explains the stalemate and furloughs succinctly
AASHTO followup to HR 4691 passage, good introduction of HR 2847
AASHTO's summary of HR 2847's status as of March 4
AASHTO's report of the HIRE Bill's passage March 17

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